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New Gossip Girl Couple

Romance is obviously more widespread on the set of Gossip Girl as its stars Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have reported the latest off-screen couple. The couple, who plays Chuck Bass and Vanessa Abrams, were spotted kissing and flirting at Dallas airport, a source of W Magazine reveals, as expected to board a flight.
4.12.08 11:07

Mad Men Quality Show Fatigue And The Vampire Weekend Effect

The programming universe has been fractured into shards. My aversion was, in my opinion, a reaction to this phenomenon this ADD-ish as viewers that leads us to a masterpiece anoint collectively each year. There are dozens of glittering competing bids for our eyes. If anything, we should be less likely to rally around a single blow, rather than more. L whole process is counterintuitive. But recently (in fact, while writing this) I started to think differently.
4.12.08 11:07

James Cameron Criticizes Tim Burton And 3d Dvd Releases

James Cameron gave a Keynote presentation in 3D entertainment summit today, and aims to Tim Burton which is next Disneys shooting 3D adaptation of Alice in Wonderland 2D using cameras. It doesn t make any sense to run in 2D and 3D to convert, said Cameron.. Burton plans to convert the film in 3D post-production, a decision that has angered and perplexed 3D community.
4.12.08 11:07

Quot Beverly Hills Chihuahua Quot To Bark On Blu Ray

The dog barks from Taco Bell is ready for its high-definition close-up, and established a Disney March debut for the box-office hit Beverly Hills Chihuahua. In a first warning to retailers, Disney has set a March 3 Blu-ray on arrival Jamie Lee Curti starrer (day and date with standard DVD).
4.12.08 11:07

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gorgeous Ghost Whisperer

Dressed in black, I Know What You Did Last Summer siren was like all the smiles that crossed the scenes with his fellow cast members.. Hard at work for his popular Friday evening television show, Jennifer Love Hewitt was noticed on the set of Ghost Whisperer in Los Angeles on Monday (December 1).
4.12.08 11:07

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